Our Services

We repair all types of gas log units... parts and issues. We complete a full gas service to make sure your log unit is free of debris and in proper working order. If we find problems we can most always repair while on location or quote for later work to be completed.

Chimney inspections will bring to light any physical defects in the firebox or flue. It will also show any buildup of creosote or blockages you may have. It will also reveal any leaks or cracks that may have started. Water leaks can lead to expensive repairs. Cracks or voids in your flue tiles and liner can lead to chimney fires.

We are an authorized dealer of Buck Stove. We can help you with all your wood stove issues such as sweeping, installation and repair of all old and new stoves.

Dryer vent sweeping is crucial to keeping your dryer running at top performance. It will also cut down the probability for a possible fire hazard. You should think about getting your dryer vent swept at least every year and possibly more if you have a high traffic use for your dryer. We can also sweep and sanitize your duct work in your home. This will cut down on dust, dust mites, smells and other allergy inducing agents.